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Care4Care scheme encourages care for the elderly

An innovative new scheme is being piloted on the Isle of Wight to encourage individuals to volunteer their time and help to the elderly and ‘bank’ hours that can be credited to them when they reach old age.

The scheme, known as Care4Care is the brainchild of Professor Heinz Wolff, and is notable not only because it promotes community-mindedness, but offers an approach to elderly care that wouldn’t necessarily require a financial commitment.

How does Care4Care work?

At present, members can register for Care4Care and when they help someone else involved in the scheme they get “care credits” dependant on the amount of time they gave in help. Helping an elderly member can involve anything from supermarket shopping to providing companionship. These care credits can then be redeemed by the helpers in their older age, so they will receive time committed to them equal to that which they devoted to someone else.

Alternatively, they can pledge these care credits towards another family member, who will in turn reap the benefits instantly.

Such alternative care schemes have recently been highlighted by BBC Inside Out in the wake of increasing budget cuts which could affect elderly care. You can find out more here.

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