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Elderly spending over 100 days a year alone

Campaigners are warning of a ‘loneliness epidemic’ amoung elderly people as they spend nearly 100 days alone each year. A recent survey found that a quarter of elderly people feel lonely and each day the over 65 year age group spend 6.4 waking hours alone.

One in five of those questioned said that they often go a whole weekend alone without seeing or speaking to anyone. Over 50% of respondents said that they felt unable to talk about this to family members

London was declared as the ‘loneliest place in the country to grow old’.

The survey challenges the idea that most elderly people want to stay in their own home.

At The Private Care Company we put a lot of time and resources into providing both care and companionship options for our clients in their own homes. As well as this we help them to access and utilise some of the excellent social activities and events in the local area.

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