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Honouring our staff with an OSCAR

We may not have a red carpet, but we have set up a new initiative called an OSCAR (Outstanding Social Care Awards and Recognition) in order to recognise the outstanding work our team does on a daily basis.

Of course we thoroughly appreciate the invaluable support and care that every member of our staff consistently demonstrates, but we will be listening out especially for those team members who go the extra mile. These are the people who do things above and beyond expectations – who graciously and generously support their clients or colleagues, who always have a smile on their face, who bring joy to others or who regularly does an exemplary job day in and day out.

If any of our clients or employees know someone who fits this description, please let us know by email to and they could be awarded an OSCAR!

Those who are nominated won’t be given a gold trophy but will have a chance to receive something special.

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