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Physical Disability Care Services, Brighton & Hove

Physical Disability Care Services, Brighton & Hove

Many of our clients suffer from a physical disability, but this does not prevent them from leading a full and active life. Many of our clients are still fully involved in their home and/or community activities. Enjoying a life that is purposeful and meaningful is equally important to us all.

Our dedicated care team provides home care and support to enable clients to live the life they choose. This can be structured, or varied day-to-day.

Our clients all have different routines and personal interests, so our specially designed care plans allow flexibility to promote independence for all.

The Private Care Company prides itself on:

  • Active and Healthy – we support clients to attend fitness or exercise sessions as well as specialist appointments such as physiotherapy, podiatry and other general health
  • Independent – providing support to carry out tasks, such as shopping and personal matters, such as banking or legal appointments
  • Well connected – to pursue personal interests, attend day centres of other clubs, or meet up/organise visits with friends and family
  • With structure and routine – involving times set for meals, personal care and sleeping
  • Living in a clean and calm environment – supporting with housework and general care

We provide flexible care services from daily visits to 24/7 live in care services.  Our care assistants have experience in a wide range of complex care and support needs for clients receiving care in the community.

High quality care for people with disabilities, Call us today

High quality care for people with disabilities, Call us today

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