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An overview of our latest Covid-19 policies

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At The Private Care Company, we remain firmly focused on promoting the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients, team and community. This means that as the pandemic evolves, we continue to rigorously monitor the latest guidance and actively assess and adapt our responses to it.

We aim to be transparent with both our clients and members of our team as we all work together to get through this situation safely so, in this newsletter, we’d like to highlight the current measures we’re taking with regards to Covid-19.

A brief overview of the policies in the list below are included in this blog. You can request a complete copy of any of them by getting in touch with the office.

  • Client Covid-19 Provision of Care and Testing Policy
    and Procedure
  • Employee and Client Vaccination Policy and Procedure
  • Employee Covid-19 Weekly Testing Policy and Procedure
  • Employee Overseas Travel Policy and Procedure
  • Employee Social Distancing Policy and Procedure
  • PPE Policy and Procedure


We are thankful for news of the Covid-19 vaccines. While the government has not mandated that care assistants must have the vaccine, we are strongly encouraging our employees to do so. Prioritised recipients – such as healthcare workers – have begun to receive their vaccinations here and we are pleased to report that most of our team has already had their first jab!

We are also supporting our clients with their own vaccinations by helping them to schedule and attend their own appointments.

If any of our clients have not yet had a vaccine, they should let our care team know. We are here and happy to support them with this.

It is worth noting that while we herald the hope that the Covid-19 vaccine brings, no vaccine is completely effective. This means that we must still follow all of the standard infection control protocols including (but not limited to): practicing social distancing, wearing a face mask and washing hands carefully.


Because Covid-19 can spread while people are asymptomatic, it is important to identify cases of it as early as possible. Currently, our care assistants are being tested for Covid-19 on a weekly basis and all of our staff are temperature-checked where required. This will not only help prevent and control the spread of the virus, it will also help to protect those receiving their care.

A positive test result or any exposure to or symptoms of Covid-19 by our employees must be reported to us immediately and the procedures for self-isolation should be followed.

Our team can also facilitate client testing where necessary though only for those that have the capacity to administer the test themselves.

Covid-19 and care

Our care team will continue to provide the vital assistance to clients who are symptomatic or test positive for Covid-19 provided this is outside of a hospital setting. There are, however, some additional protocols which our carers must adhere to. These include wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) upon entering a client’s home, carrying out a dynamic risk assessment and ensuring that the property is suitably ventilated by opening windows or doors.


We are fully equipped with PPE as per the latest healthcare guidance recommendations which includes the use of face masks at all times and gloves, aprons, eye protection and shoe covers in certain circumstances (i.e. if a client needs direct contact), as well as hand sanitisers, disinfectants and cleaning wipes.

Social distancing

Social distancing remains a key way to reduce the spread of the virus. Our care team are required to follow the guidelines on limiting interactions with other people and by staying at least 2m from them when out in public.

No one should leave their home except for the following reasons: exercise (once per day), shopping for basic necessities, medical issues and going to work. For those eligible, this may also include education, childcare and meeting with your support bubble.

Additionally, it is now a legal obligation to wear a face covering on public transport and in most indoor settings (unless exempted). Detailed guidance on our social distancing protocols can be found in our ‘Employee Social Distancing Policy and Procedure’.

Overseas travel

Overseas travel is not currently permitted. However, if any of our employees are returning to the UK from travel which commenced prior to 5 January 2021, they will be required to follow our protocols.

For the protection of our clients and in line with government guidelines, returning overseas travellers must have a negative Covid-19 test and self-isolate for 10 days before returning to work.

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