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Book your flu jab now

Each year, our hard-working care staff can receive the flu jab for free. This year, it’s more important than ever to protect our employees from getting ill with influenza and from passing it on to our clients – getting this vaccine helps to ensure that this is possible.

We have requested that all of our staff get the flu vaccine. A healthy team is vital to us so that we can provide the reliable, safe and professional services we pride ourselves on. We are in close and personal contact with people who are often vulnerable or who are in a ‘at-risk’ group.

Flu can be a serious disease and has the potential to cause death in the elderly, or those with underlying health conditions. It’s particularly significant this year, while we simultaneously deal with the pandemic. Vaccination reduces the spread of flu, and so reduces the burden on the NHS during this challenging time.

Flu season usually starts in December. There has been a higher demand than usual for flu vaccinations this year so an appointment may not be available right away but there should be enough vaccines for all those that are eligible.

Staff can get the free jab right up to December.  

Specific advice and guidance from PHE for care workers can be found here.  

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