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With many industries struggling during the pandemic, there have been devastating job and career losses for many people in our city. Travel, hospitality and retail businesses have experienced dramatic disruption and with the prevailing economic uncertainty and instability, further redundancies are inevitable. 

But the many skills and attributes that are required in the service industries are essential to the work of a care assistant.

These are all jobs that require a person to be friendly, personable and able to communicate well while also having a certain level of cultural understanding, problem-solving and empathising. These are the exact traits we look for when employing new staff and provide the perfect base from which to begin a career in care.

We offer training and formal qualifications, so you have the chance to make a difference, in a supportive community, and ignite the potential of those who need it.

Care work has never been more vital and appreciated, which has been highlighted during the Covid crisis. However, there is an assumption that it is poorly paid. That is not the case at The Private Care Company. We have always understood the unparalleled value of our staff which is why we offer some of the highest rates of pay for care assistants in Brighton and Hove.

With this pay starting at £10.15 per hour, on-the-job training and the ability to receive nationally recognised qualifications, it is a great option for people currently finding themselves out of work.

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