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On a trishaw built for three

We recently came across a delightful new initiative in Brighton called Cycling Without Age. The movement actually came to life in 2012 by Ole Kassow – a Dane who wanted to help get the elderly back on their bicycles and the opportunity to feel the wind rush through their hair. With the assistance of civil society consultant, Dorothe Pederson, they bought their first five trishaws and the dream was realised.

Now, there are more than 450 chapters around the world using over 1,500 trishaws – and the numbers are growing. The Brighton and Hove Chapter only launched a couple of months ago but already they are busy bringing generations closer together and creating joy in both their pilots and passengers.

We got in touch with Elly Hargreave, Co-Caption of our local chapter, who said they raise all funds for cycles and running costs locally themselves though are still looking for sponsors to help with costs including, bike purchases and maintenance as well administration.

We love their principle of generosity, slow cycling, storytelling, relationships and community and look look forward to sponsoring them once they receive their charity status in January!

Check out their social media pages if you’d like to be a pilot or sponsor:

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