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A bit of baking

After catching up with The Great British Bakeoff last night, I was inspired to write a little blog about baking – and to dreamily reminisce about my nan’s cinnamon rolls. I don’t do much baking – it mostly involves a tray of something at Christmas and perhaps a birthday cake or two per year. But some of my fondest childhood memories were set in my nan’s kitchen, ‘helping out’ (i.e. licking the bowls) with her baking.

Honestly, the show has tempted me to do more baking – after all, there’s nothing like the smell of a chocolate cake cooking in the oven (never mind eating it). Having said that, I’m aware that there has been at least one attempt of a baking novice to create every technical challenge from Bake Off. Last year Scott Bryan from BuzzFeed took on the challenge which – in his words – was a disaster. But that wasn’t enough to deter him as he’s back again this year. You can follow a photographic journey of his baking adventures by checking out is Twitter feed @scottygb.

Still, that’s not going to deter me. I like to think that whatever doesn’t work out at least becomes an amusing anecdote. With that, I’m deterimined to have a look through my nan’s old recipes and bring one to life this weekend. Maybe her apple pie with the cream cheese crust?

Though if any of you would like to send in a recipe that you think we should try, we’d love to hear from you. And of course, The Private Care Company are also happy to help with grocery shopping or even the baking. We may not all be the most adept bakers but we can follow good instructions!

Happy baking, sharing and eating!

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