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The cost of care

The BBC website recently published a guide which aims to help people understand the social care system and costs involved for those over 65.

According to the website, ‘the total amount of money contributed by each council’s population towards their care was calculated as a proportion of the total care budget. Once the proportion was worked out, it was then used to create a weekly figure in pounds and pence to show how much a council contributes to each person’s cost of care compared with the contributions paid by the people using the service.’

We checked out the figures for Brighton and Hove and are proud to report that whilst maintaining high standards of exemplary quality care, our rates fall well below the average for private care in this area. This is particularly remarkable in a time when most local companies have hiked their rates up.

Additionally, we have also increased pay to all of our staff to £9.74 which takes into account their travel time and includes bonuses. We’re committed to employing and retaining the best people and hold them in the highest regard, just like our clients.

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