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It’s a bird, it’s a plane..

It’s the i360 – Brighton and Hove’s latest seafront spectacle and the UK’s tallest observation tower outside London. We were out for a walk during the bank holiday and, as the sun was setting, we caught a glimpse of the pod in the photo below – like something from Lost in Space but with more glint and glass. So we thought we’d write a little blog about it.


The i360 – rather, the British Airways i360 – has been open a few weeks now sending up to 200 people 138m above the seafront in it’s futuristic capsule. On a clear day, there should be 360 degree views for up to 26 miles – that’s the Isle of Wight on one side and Beachy Head on the other.

Interestingly, The Argus questioned the fact that the i360 may have a doppelganger as a virtually identically designed observation deck in Brighton was discussed by three entrepreneurs in 1964.

Also worthy of note is that the i360 is a public-private partnership. According to an article in the Guardian, this means that “proceeds are going back into the community rather than to a bank or venture capitalist” with a projection of £13m – £25m a year being added to the Brighton and Hove’s economy. It’s expected to generate 440 new jobs. We hope these projections are right.

The i360 does have wheelchair access though they do recommend checking the accessibility page to find the correct entrance for wheelchair users. Additionally, registered carers are able to ride in the pod with clients for free. We’d be happy to accommodate our clients or help them make a booking if they’re interested.

Those of us in the office haven’t been in it yet but look forward to visiting it soon. We hear that the Nyetimber Sky Bar serves sparkling wine from Sussex vineyards which may be reason enough to go!

In the meantime, if you want some live action feed of the pod – and often some entertaining close-ups of seagulls – you can watch the i360 live webcam here.


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