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Interest piqued: profiling by YouGov

Ever wondered what the typical Radio Times reader likes to eat? Or what kind of person donates to the charity Age UK?

Thanks to an impressive – and dare we say fun – data product called YouGov Profiles, you can now find out. The free-to-use app analyses data from 190,000 of their UK members to profile what is ‘particularly true’ about a group.*

Essentially the app is a marketing tool for brands but we found it particularly interesting in looking at how true stereotypes are. And although some users have complained about small sample sizes for certain searches, it may be worth to pointing out that if the ‘sample says 52 people – it does not mean that [YouGov] only surveyed 52 people. It means that, of the tens of thousands of people who took part, 52 have so far self-identified as fans or customers of that particular thing.’

The app is accessible and the illustrations are adorable; to be honest, it’s a little addictive! But back to our original question, what kind of person does donate to Age UK? According to YouGov, they are mostly female and over 60 who like listening to Minnie Riperton and favour The Guardian. You can click on the images below to find out more.



Oh, and about the Radio Times reader? Have a look at their interesting article here!

*For full access to the data profiling, you have to subscribe

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