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In with the new

We are pleased to announce that we have recently implemented a new digital online care planning system – replacing our old paper system. This new system provides a comprehensive and confidential way for us to monitor and manage our clients, care plans and data. It offers many benefits including:

Immediate monitoring of care delivery

We are now able view live client updates and monitor the activity of our carers in real time. This means we are able to address any issues far more quickly than we could before.

Secure medication management

Our carers record medication administration through their mobile application. This creates a confidential, secure log of our client’s treatments.

Reduction in paperwork

The application cuts out the timely administration of paperwork, allowing our carers to dedicate more time and attention to our clients during each care call.

Clients and authorised family or friends are welcome to download the care planning application which gives them immediate access to their digital care plans, our notes regarding our visits and more.* Of course, we can also provide paper copies if requested.

We are very excited about the changes we’ve made which allows us to deliver the highest quality of care for our clients. We hope you are excited, too!

* Subject to the necessary consents

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