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MS Awareness Week

As we come to the end of MS Awareness Week – a week devoted to improving public understanding of and to supporting those with this condition – we thought it would be appropriate to highlight a condition we help to provide care for and whose charities we support.

Considering so many people have this disease (over 100,000 in the UK), it seems surprising that more people don’t know about it. But not only is there a lack of understanding about multiple sclerosis, research by the MS Trust has revealed that nearly a fifth of people with MS had not been in contact with specialist services. And with the NHS continuing to be squeezed, these services are more and more reliant on other organisations to provide this support. Charities like the MS Society and MS Trust are fantastic places to find out more. They also provide vital contributions to MS research – which of course is the only pathway to a cure, and right now, there is no cure for MS.

There is also the 1MSg campaign which aims to encourage people with MS make informed decisions and help them to be in touch with MS-specialist services.

We also book-marked an insightful article from the Huffington Post which lists seven things people with MS want you to know such as ‘it’s not all doom and gloom’ and ‘everyone with MS is different’.

Finally, if you’d like to help raise awareness of MS, please feel free to share this blog or pass it on to anyone you think might need it!

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