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Embracing technology

We are pleased to announce that we have taken a technological leap and will soon be launching specialist care software which will include the use of a smartphone app for our staff to book on and off visits via their mobile device.

As our clients and families place an enormous amount of trust in us, we aspire to do everything we can to ensure we provide an outstanding service and to achieve the goals that were agreed. We are confident this new software will help us better meet these desired results.

It will also benefit our staff as they will be able to see what visits they have and what they will need to do once they arrive – they will even be able access directions to clients’ locations. Once they arrive, they will be able to easily and immediately book on (and later book off), thereby providing proof of service delivery.

Additionally, they will get alerts or reminders of tasks, shifts or shift changes which means new client requests or changes should be easier and faster to implement.

For the management team here at The Private Care Company, using this app will mean we have a more efficient overview of staff capacity, skills and workloads which will, in turn, help ensure we deliver the very best quality care in Brighton and Hove.

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