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Care standards at the PCC remain high, despite falling UK average

A recent news report stated that the Quality of Services provided to people in Health and Social care Sectors in the UK is beginning to suffer. The regulator (CQC) has announced the warning following 13,000 Inspections. The reason for the failing standards seems to be staffing pressures and a rise in complex cases – both in conjunction with an ageing population.

One in four services were failing to meet at least one of the 16 key standards. The areas which were mostly being failed were care and welfare of the workforce, nutrition and dignity and respect.

Staff who were spoken to during the report stated that they were being given less time for personalised care as their workloads increased.

We were delighted at The Private Care Company that we met all 16 standards in our last inspection. We also experience excellent staff retention rates and one of the key factors which stand out about our service is the level of personalised care. We are able to provide this by limiting our client intake and a strong leadership and management process.

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