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‘Ping Pong – Never Too Old for Gold’. A heartwarming documentary

There’s an excellent heart-warming documentary coming out on dvd called ‘Ping Ping – Never Too Old For Gold.’ Here is how the makers describe it:

Eight players with 703 years between them, compete in the World Over 80s Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia.

With intimate and candid portraits of life back home ‘Ping Pong’ explores the hope, regret and immediacy of growing old.

Amongst the eight contenders looking for medal glory are 81 year-old Terry, who’s been given a week to live, but seeks to prove his doctors wrong. Then there’s 89 year-old German widower Inge, who explains how taking up ping pong late in life helped her to play her way out of the dementia ward she had committed herself to.

The film provides an affectionate yet poignant look at the realities faced with age, but also offers an inspiring insight into how growing old needn’t be a barrier to achieving your goals.

The DVD should be available for Christmas, but you can buy a copy to download onto your computer from the official site now.

Watch the trailer below:


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