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20 hour hospital wait

The Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton has been experiencing high demand for its A&E services with some patients waiting up to 20 hours.

The ambulance service has said that delays are far more than they would usually expect at this time of year.

The hospital issued the following statement:

‘From April 1 to December 31 2012 almost 3,000 more people attended our emergency departments than for the same period in the previous year.

‘Of course when patients need to be admitted from the emergency department we strive to do this as quickly as possible, but when the hospital is as busy as it has been in recent months, the reality is that there is not always a bed immediately available for them to be admitted into.

‘Patients who we have to hold in the emergency department until they can be admitted are made as comfortable as possible and regularly monitored.

‘We are acutely aware this is happening too often and we are working extremely hard to create more capacity within the hospital and the community which will in turn allow us to admit every patient as soon as it is clinically appropriate to do so.’

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